National Alliance of African-American Athletes

Virginia Tech (Quincy Patterson) and Old Dominion (Messiah deWeaver) 

Watkins Game of The Week 

Week 1 This week is the first game of the 2019 season.  I am very excited at the start of a season which will allow me to see over 20 of the young men participating in college football, and some of their families.  Great young men doing great things on the football field and more importantly in the classroom.  The opening game pits Virginia Tech (Quincy Patterson) against Old Dominion (Messiah deWeaver).  A five-hour drive to Blacksburg Virginia for the first time!

Quincy Patterson (Watkins Class of 2018) is now a redshirt freshman at Virginia Tech.  Quincy finished high school as one of the very best quarterbacks in the nation.  Instead of using football as the primary school section criteria, he used academics and specifically engineering.  Quincy moved from Chicago to Blacksburg VA to join the best engineering school for his future endeavors.  That stated, he joined a football team with 4 quarterbacks including himself.  “Q” has continued to climb the ladder and now finds himself behind a senior.  We anticipate absent injury; he should take over the starting position next year.  Quincy has settled in well and of course staying focused on his education maintaining over a 3.0 GPA.

Messiah deWeaver (Watkins Class of 2016) is a Junior at Old Dominion University.  Messiah (MDW) has taken a much more circuitous route in his college career.  As one of the top quarterbacks in the country coming out of high school, he started his career at Michigan State.  After a redshirt freshman year and a second season behind the designated starter, Siah decided to seek another destination.  With many major college options, he decided to take his talent to Junior College and took Eastern Mississippi Community College to a national championship.  Again, with many major college options, he decided to join a program on the rise in Old Dominion.  Because of a foot injury he wasn’t able to play in the first game this season.  I was looking forward to seeing him perform this week, but his coach decided to stay with the hot handed quarterback that started for the team last week.  Consistent with the values and focus of a Watkins man Messiah has stated focused on the most important aspect of his journey, EDUCATION.  Three schools later he will still graduate early in December!  That is an incredible fete requiring a steadfast dedication in the classroom.

Dr. Gabbin and I attended the game together excited to see both gentlemen after the game.  Doc resides in Harrisonburg Virginia roughly 2.5 hours from VaTech.  Seeing these young men were the highlights of the trip and the time we enjoyed most.  Dr. Gabbin sends his warm wishes and regards to the Watkins Family!