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Management Team

Marc Cohen, Board Member

Marc is a Managing Director and Senior Vice President of Wachovia Securities in Westlake Village California. He also was President of the Starlight Children’s Foundation for the past 7 years helping critically, chronically, and terminally ill children.

In his spare time, he has developed a 30-year-old radio career as a newscaster and sports reporter for KHJ Boss Radio in the 1970s. He has contributed his computer technology expertise to a variety of Los Angeles radio stations and programs, including KABC's morning show, where Southern California listeners can hear his business reports and tech updates periodically. He has been involved with computers and technology for over 15 years.

Marc is married to Leslie and has two children, Darryl and Allison. Marc loves computers and gadgetry - basically anything that comes with a battery or plug.

Darryl and Marc Cohen of Wachovia listening to John Salley's speech at the 2006 Watkins Awards.

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